Wave Glider

A Revolution in Marine Data Acquisition


The Wave Glider is a low-profile, unmanned surface vehicle that is capable of long-range, extended deployments with minimal human intervention. It is propelled by wave generated energy, with solar panel arrays providing power for on-board communications, sensor payloads and computing.    


Wave Glider SV3

Wave Gliders can be a valuable resource used to support and augment traditional vessel or airborne based maritime surveillance and survey missions. They can be deployed to hazardous areas or carry out long-term surveillance and marine data acquisition missions. With endurance of up to one year, and with no need for fuel, Wave Gliders can reduce costs compared to either surface or aerial assets - saving dollars, reducing risk, and increasing operational efficiency.

Fastwave is an Australian Open Oceans Integration Partner for Liquid Robotics International of Sunnyvale, California, manufacturers of the Wave Glider. Fastwave has the engineering expertise to integrate customised sensor and communications payloads with the Wave Glider so that missions can be tailored for specific client requirements.

Typical applications for the Wave Glider include marine environmental monitoring, maritime surveillance, metocean data acquisition, fisheries and aquaculture management, marine mammal detection, dredge and outfall plume monitoring, CO2 studies, hydrocarbon detection, pipeline leak detection etc

Wave Glider SV3

The Wave Glider SV3 is composed of a surface float and a submerged propulsion system connected via a high-bandwidth, 4.0 meter streamlined umbilical. On the float, there are three solar panels that provide power to the electronics on board and securely cover the forward and aft payload compartments. The payload compartments can accommodate Modular Power Units or Modular Payload Units (MPUs) of different sizes that can be utilized for a variety of payloads and power requirements. The float features a mast deck that can support up to four masts. The submerged propulsion system has an expansion port for powering and communicating with a single subsea payload. To assist in navigation and marine operations, the Wave Glider SV3 comes with a number of aids: an AIS marine traffic antenna and receiver, a visibility mast with flag and light, a water speed sensor, an independent auxiliary Iridium tracker, an Active Radar Reflector, Weather Station, Wave Height Sensor, and a radio frequency (RF) tracking transponder.


Wave Gliders enable sage, cost efficient, timely and reliable marine data acquisition.

  • Autonomous and persistent data acquisition from any ocean location
  • Wave and solar powered propulsion and communications enables unlimited mission duration
  • Multiple sensor payload capability with real-time data link
  • Proven all weather, open ocean deployment capability and reliability
  • Remotely controlled and configured mission management system
  • Low logistics deployment and recovery

Customised Applications

Fastwave provides customised sensor payloads for your application.

  • Marine mammal detection
  • Hydrocarbon detection and oil spill tracking
  • Dredge plume, outfall and discharge monitoring
  • Metocean data acquisition
  • Algal bloom tracking and monitoring
  • C02 monitoring
  • Persistent maritime surveillance
  • Go Remote Camera system for remote image capture from the Wave Glider

For additional environmental solutions, please visit our Environmental Monitoring page.

Go Remote Image capture system on Wave Glider
Go Remote enables images to be remotely taken and transmitted by Iridium Satellite from a Wave Glider

Wave Glider equipped with Go Remote Camera system

Wave Glider equipped with Go Remote Camera system

Wave Glider Media

IMAGE - Diver during a Wave Glider deployment
IMAGE - A Wave Glider deployment
IMAGE - Multiple Wave Gliders on patrol

Liquid Robotics Co-Founder & CTO Roger Hine introducing the Wave Glider SV3


Wave Glider Usage Case Scenarios and Benefits

Wave Glider Overview

Wave Glider Management System (WGMS) Demo

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