Triton Telemetry Buoy

Triton High Bandwidth Satellite Telemetry Buoy


The Triton telemetry buoy offers broadband data acquisition from sensors located on the buoy, suspended in the water column or on the sea floor, depending on application requirements. It designed for extended coastal and offshore moored deployments, with solar and battery power systems to support multiple sensor payloads.


Triton Telemetry Buoy

The Triton has an integrated controller that provides a flexible platform for managing data acquisition, storage, transmission and battery and solar systems. Sensors can be integrated with the Triton system according to specific client requirements. Typical applications include meteorological and oceanographic measurements such as air temperature, pressure, wind, rain, sea temperature, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, chlorophyll, PH, currents and waves. Data can be delivered anywhere in the world within seconds via e-mail inbox, FTP or web site.

The satellite broadband data system used by the Triton has global coverage, including polar regions. Because the Triton uses an omni-directional antenna, the telemetry system is not affected by the movement of the buoy. Other telemetry communication options on the Triton include Iridium Short Burst Data, GPRS, Bluetooth® and radio. The Triton also has integrated GPS and AIS to enhance navigational safety.

The Triton can also act as a data gateway for subsea acoustic networks, hydrophone monitoring and AUV data transfer.

Please contact Fastwave for more detailed technical information about the Triton.

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