DECIMUS - Passive Acoustic Monitoring

Pioneers in real-time autonomous acoustic detection


Decimus® is an innovative detection and monitoring solution for system integrators working in acoustic monitoring.

Mitigate the impact of your projects on the environment in real-time and across great distances with our Decimus® range of products.

Unlike traditional monitoring solutions, Decimus® is an innovative wireless detection and monitoring solution, designed with system integrators in mind. We provide a flexible framework for remote and autonomous PAM that enables users to access fast, accurate and reliable data.
Decimus® is platform agnostic.


DECIMUS - Passive Acoustic Monitoring

Decimus® is a bespoke system manufactured by SA Instrumentation based St Andrews, Scotland  and used in support of environmental assessments, mitigation measures and scientific research.

Applications include marine renewables, oil and gas, decommissioning, marine civil engineering and infrastructure projects by the Government, security and defence contractors, as well as the scientific community.

Acoustic Monitoring Technology Experts

As acoustic monitoring technology experts Decimus® is right at the cutting edge of technology, and provides an innovative detection and monitoring solution for system integrators working in acoustic monitoring. 

Why our customer have chosen Decimus® is because of the benefits if offers in using innovative, low power technology to enable large scale data compression and transmission, remotely and in real-time.

Where To Use Our Acoustic Monitoring System?

Decimus® has a range of deployment options, including fixed terrestrial and marine mountings, buoys and as a payload on Autonomous Vehicles for example Liquid Robotics Wave Glider.

Benefits of our Acoustic Monitoring System Decimus®

Supplied with core electronics encased in robust IP65 housing, Decimus® has been designed to withstand harsh environments. The complete base station fits inside a carry on flight sized case, with only an antenna and cable required to complete the system. The system is monitored, configured and updated remotely via 3/4G/GSM/Wireless thereby minimising maintenance costs. Detection data can reach your desktop in seconds.

We use unique on-board data compression techniques to handle large volumes of data that can be effectively scaled to travel across short and long distances without additional noise.

Unlike Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM) systems that store raw data, our products transmit real time data daily. Status is generally transmitted every 15/30 minutes giving the user confidence that the system is alive and functional, as well as a summary of how well the detectors are functioning.
End to end user control minimises risk of data loss. Users can collect, monitor and report data all from a single package.
The system is monitored, configured and updated remotely via 3/4G/GSM/Wireless thereby minimising maintenance costs.

Device status and detection information is immediately available for viewing in the secure, client-area website. This can be done via PC from anywhere in the world.

All our products can be customised to meet the needs of users. Data just sails through the air to get to you.

Features Include:

  • Low power operation
  • Easy to stack hardware reduces space
  • Simultaneous deployment of units across long and short distances
  • Multiple detection of marine and mammal life
  • Software controllable sampling
  • Accurate real-time processed data transmission
  • Data collection and reporting from a single software package
  • End to end user control minimizes risk of data loss

PAMGuard is a sophisticated software package designed to address the fundamental limitations of existing cetacean passive acoustic monitoring (PAM) software capabilities.

PAMGuard has been designed to provide the world standard software infrastructure for acoustic detection, localisation and classification for mitigation against harm to marine mammals, alongside the development in desktop processor performance. This software enables high quality data processing alongside auditable settings resulting in reliable data analysis and presentation.

A specially designed version of PAMGuard for Decimus and the SAIL Data Acquisition Card has been developed to enable low power consumption and processing power.

The commonly used detection algorithms include a 'click detector' designed to identify transient sounds (echolocation clicks) and a 'whistle and moan detector' designed to detect whistles and moans from dolphins and baleen whales. Management software ensures that the hardware, data management, communications and power systems are operating efficiently, and that all detection algorithm updates to PAMGuard are immediately available in Decimus and the DAQ card.

PAMGuard offers a great deal of flexibility and power, whilst allowing users to initialise a series of user-defined detection modules. It, therefore, provides the capability of detecting and classifying a wide range of marine mammal species and can be tailored to client specific needs.

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