FastView Tracking System

FastView Online Tracking and Monitoring System


FastView is an award winning, online tracking and monitoring system that enables organisations to enhance the safety, security and efficiency of remotely deployed mobile assets such as vehicles, mobile plant, vessels and aircraft.

FastView is simple, secure and flexible to use with any PC connected to the internet. There are no special software requirements, restrictions on number of users or licenses. The system is hosted in a dedicated, high security offsite server facility with dual redundancy power supply, 24/7 monitoring and multiple internet connectivity paths.


Fastview2 Data Management & Reporting System


To provide clients with a fully integrated data acquisition and management solution, Fastwave offers a secure data management and reporting system. Typical applications for this are remote monitoring, control and tracking of fixed and mobile assets and sensor systems. The system is used for applications as diverse as real-time metocean data assimilation, marine water quality monitoring, vessel and aircraft tracking, remote image capture, subsea sensor monitoring and remote personnel communication.

The new upgraded data management system enables highly configurable reporting, which can incorporate metadata such as local weather forecasts and observations. Unit values can be disabled or enabled in report outputs, and preferred output unit types defined on a per user basis.
Data visualisation widgets allow visualisation of asset outputs for known and configured unit types such as pressure, temperature, mass and length, plus many other uncommon unit types. A new statistics sub system builds statistics on predefined date boundaries (daily, weekly, monthly, annual) for commonly used statistics (min, max, average, count, total, std dev etc).

Fastwave runs and maintains its own internal Nominatim server which provides private location and city searches using a mapping page. Latitude and longitude can be entered into the mapping page to search for manually entered locations, or show current location as reported by a web browser. In the event of an asset equipped with GPS not being able to transmit its location via GPS, the system can provide Iridium Satellite location data on configurable accuracy boundaries (ie. < 5km) with appropriate notification throughout the Fastwave reporting system and dashboard.

The upgraded Fastwave Data Management System runs entirely on MQTT making it event driven and capable of delivering asset payloads to end clients with very little delay (typically < 5 seconds). This feature enables client in house development teams to extend any existing systems they may have as well as take advantage of the metadata services. This service can also deliver custom reports created by Fastwave to suit specific end user needs all over a secure 256bit TLS 1.2 secured connection.

Fastview2 Tracking


Fastview offers the following benefits:

  • Real-time and historical location of individual or multiple assets or personnel anywhere in the world, including at sea or in the air
  • Flexible location display options - Google Earth, MS Virtual Earth, customised map overlays or client specific mapping software
  • Remotely re-configurable asset reporting intervals
  • Geofencing facilities for defining authorised routes, restricted zones, speed zones, driver fatigue alerts etc
  • Automated notification of distance to/from departure and arrival destinations
  • SMS and email notification for speeding, out-of bounds, panic and other alerts and alarms
  • Customisable tracking data display for each asset
  • Automated reporting functions, eg daily, weekly and monthly vehicle fleet speeding analysis, exportable to MS Excel
  • Client administration console for establishing user access and viewing privileges, custom reports, company and fleet organisation roles
Vessel Tracking

Vessel Tracking

Aircraft Tracking with Geofence

Aircraft Tracking with Geofence

Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle Tracking

Speed Monitoring

Speed Monitoring


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