Iridium RUDICS Telemetry System


Router-Based Unrestricted Digital Interworking Connectivity Solution ("RUDICS") is an enhanced Gateway termination/origination capability for circuit switched data calls across the Iridium satellite network.

The primary benefits of using RUDICS as part of a data solution over conventional PSTN circuit switched data connectivity or mobile-to-mobile data solutions:


  • Elimination of analog modem training time
  • Increased connection quality, reliability, and maximizing throughput
  • Protocol independence
  • Lower call costs


RUDICS is an Iridium data service that allows customers to send and receive data traffic over the Iridium network using an optimized circuit switched data channel. It utilizes circuit switching technology via a dial-up modem and ISDN for low-bandwidth data transfer for ISUs, enabling a host application to originate and terminate numerous connections simultaneously. This solution utilizes Network Access Servers to provide modem ports, supporting both Mobile-Originated (MO) and Mobile-Terminated (MT) Circuit Switch Data calls.


RUDICS is designed to be incorporated into an integrated data solution, taking advantage of the global nature of the Iridium communications system and combining that with a digital connection between the Iridium Gateway and a Partner's host application. Integrated data solutions are applications such as remote asset monitoring, control, and data file transfer. Often these applications are designed to support hundreds or thousands of remote units.

Fastwave is Australia's leading Iridium RUDICS Service Provider and systems integrator, supporting applications such as Ocean Glider data transfer and airborne remote image transfer.  

Iridium RUDICS

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