OceanStar System

Marine Environmental Monitoring System


OceanStar is a field-proven marine environmental monitoring system that will provide sensor readings from the sea floor to your desktop within seconds, from anywhere in the world.

It is designed primarily for coastal monitoring applications, and will operate in the most remote locations, beyond the range of cellular or radio networks.






OceanStar Marine Environmental Monitoring System

OceanStar has been recognized with the following awards:

  • 2011 Western Australian iAward for Sustainability and Green IT
  • 2011 Subsea Energy Australia awards for Innovation & Standard of Excellence
  • 2011 Subsea Energy Australia Award for Standards of Excellence for Performance
  • 2010 Western Australian Information and Telecommunication Association (WAITTA) award for Infrastructure

The unique underwater configuration of the OceanStar system enables the use of small, easily deployed relay buoys. The system has proven reliability in all weather conditions, including cyclones.

The OceanStar system consists of the following primary components:

  • An underwater electronics and sensor module
  • Compact surface relay buoy, umbilical cable and mooring
  • Iridium Satellite telemetry system
  • Online data delivery system
OceanStar Telemetry Buoy

OceanStar Telemetry Buoy

OceanStar Buoy Deployment

OceanStar Buoy Deployment

OceanStar Underwater Installation

OceanStar Underwater Installation

OceanStar-Extended subsea deployment

OceanStar-Extended subsea deployment

System Benefits:

  • Near real time data from any coastal monitoring location in the world provides enhanced analytical, predictive and alerting capability
  • Compact, lightweight relay buoy reduces cost and complexity of deployment
  • High value equipment is sub-surface, reducing risk of loss through vandalism, theft, collision and extreme weather
  • Proven system resilience and performance in cyclonic conditions Small relay buoys are ideal for very shallow locations, such as coral reefs
  • Reduces the requirement for manual data sampling and data logger deployment/recovery
  • Autonomous operation reduces the need for diver intervention and associated safety management
  • On-line data delivery with email & SMS alerting capabilities


  • Works in any location - system uses Iridium Short Burst Data telemetry to provide highly reliable, global coverage, with cellular options
  • Sensor sampling and reporting intervals remotely configurable
  • In-situ data logging as well as near real-time reporting
  • System can be integrated with client specified sensor types
  • Internal re-chargeable battery pack provides extended subsea monitoring endurance before re-charging
  • Compact, easy to deploy relay buoy with no external equipment

Typical Applications:

  • Marine water quality monitoring - outfalls, dredge plumes, aquaculture etc
  • Oceanographic and marine environmental data gathering
  • Maritime security monitoring
  • Marine infrastructure monitoring

OceanStar Deployment

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