Subsea Asset Location Technology (SALT)

Fastwave is Asia Pacific regional distributor for Subsea Asset Location Technologies (UK) unique SonarBell underwater asset location device.


Efficient underwater location normally requires the use of sonar, even with sonar visualising the water column or sea bed is difficult and time consuming.

SonarBell® is a totally passive, cost effective sonar reflector which works in conjunction with sonar to provide a clear echo return capable of guiding you to the required target.

As a passive device SonarBell® delivers an economically viable asset marking solution for applications where alternative technologies such as active transponders have previously been considered too expensive to justify i.e. transponders, or too limited in terms of their functionality i.e.corner reflectors.


Subsea Asset Location Technology (SALT)


What the SonarBell Does

The SonarBell is outwardly an unprepossessing device whose elegant use of materials technology has the potential to revolutionise underwater subsea asset location and even potentially reduce Dolphin bi-catch.

To find equipment in anything but clear shallow water requires the use of sonar. Even with sonar visualising the water column or sea bed is difficult and the industrial users of the ocean use powered transponders to locate key equipment.

Such powered transponders are not only expensive but require regular routine maintenance depending on use and battery life - this limits their applicability. SonarBell is a passive reflector which acts much as a "cats-eye" does in the road taking in external energy and providing a strong reflection in return.

Looking like a bowling ball, it utilises the two materials of its shell and core create a constructive interference delivering a return signal significantly above that a hard reflecting sphere might otherwise deliver. It is omni-directional and although its signal is less than that of a powered transponder SonarBell's are detectable by sonar in excess of 2 km away depending on frequency of operation.



How it works

The SonarBell works through the constructive interference of sound waves when they meet after transiting the shell and core of the ball.

The frequencies at which this sound produces the constructive interference depends on the core and shell materials.

Altering the material properties allows us to "colour" the reflection from the ball, changing the size allows us to alter the range.


SonarBell Features

  • Inert, stable and completely passive device
  • Omni-directional
  • No maintenance
  • Can have single, multiple or broadband
  • Visible at up to 2km dependant on
  • Anti-fouling can be applied
  • Easily deployed and recovered
  • Individual calibration available
  • SonarBell is available in a growing range
  • optimised response
  • frequency, size and sonar power
  • of sizes from 50 to 200mm diameter

SonarBell Applications

  • Fishing for net effeciency and equipment
  • recovery.
  • Oil and Gas for marking wellheads, pipes,
  • cables and _exible rises.
  • ROV/AUV marking and navigation
  • Hydrography, Oceanographic Survey
  • Marking mine location
  • Riser and pipeline path marking for Oil and
  • Gas Industry
  • Alert telecoms and o_shore power generation
  • providers of cable exposure.
  • And many, many others.

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Subsea Asset Location Technology (SALT)

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Physical Size

  • 50 - 200mm DIA


  • Ability to see at range 0–2km
  • Environmentally inert/stable


  • It is totally passive and omni-directional.
  • The SonarBell® works through the constructive interference of sound waves when they meet after transiting the shell and core.
    It is totally passive and omni-directional.


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