M2M & Industrial Monitoring and Control Applications

Fastwave has expertise to offer both off-the-shelf and custom remote monitoring and control solutions.


Enhancing the safety, efficiency and security of production and process control infrastructure is a growing requirement for many organizations with infrastructure located in remote parts of the world. A common problem facing these organizations is the difficulty in establishing cost effective methods of monitoring and controlling their remote assets.


M2M & Industrial Monitoring and Control Applications


Fastwave has the engineering, telemetry and systems integration expertise to offer both off-the-shelf and custom remote monitoring and control solutions for SCADA systems and Machine-to-Machine (m2m) networks.

The FastComm Remote Telemetry Unit (RTU) enables the integration of the Iridium satellite telemetry system with a wide variety of proprietary data loggers, sensors and process control equipment, and offer on-line data access to enable an end-to-end solution.

We specialise in applications where there are power constraints by programming the remote telemetry units to operate with minimum power consumption.

Typical remote monitoring and control, SCADA and m2m applications include:

Oil & Gas

  • Cathodic protection (CP) systems on pipelines and offshore infrastructure
  • Automated offshore equipment process control systems, either as primary or redundant system
  • Chemical injection skids on oil pipelines
  • Electronic submersible pumps (ESP's)

Utilities and Infrastructure

  • Remote pumps and valves
  • Cathodic protection systems on bridges, jetties, water pipelines etc
  • Remote road warning signs
  • Sewage system valve monitoring


  • Geotechnical instrument monitoring for open pit mining operations
  • Process control systems
  • Conveyor belt vibration monitoring
  • Mobile power generators
  • De-watering pumps
  • Tailings dams warning systems

Water Management and Agriculture

  • Borefield management
  • Irrigation systems
  • Flood warning systems
  • Water tank and reservoir monitoring
  • River level monitoring

Cathodic Protection Systems

Fastwave has developed an integrated remote monitoring and control system for Cathodic Protection (CP) installations. Fastwave's solution offers monitoring and control of remote CP systems on pipelines , bridges, jetties, offshore platforms and other infrastructure anywhere in the world in near real time, using the highly advanced Iridium Satellite Short Burst Data (SBD) telemetry system. Fastwave has integrated advanced data acquisition and control hardware with the satellite system and online data delivery to enable seamless condition monitoring and control of remote assets and equipment, such as the transformer rectifiers (TR's) used on CP systems.

Fastwave Satellite RTU

Fastwave Satellite RTU


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